Perley Genealogy

(Dec, 2010)
(Also partial genealogies of the deVeber, Moore and Carman Families)
Credits for information:   Stacey Hughes of Alberta.
                                     Matthew Gray (gg grandson of Bertha (Perley) Emery of Washington.

This is a partial genealogy that shows the Perley ancestry of the descendants of Eliza Annetta Perley and James Martin Eldridge of Beaver Harbour, NB.
Roy Eldridge:  (Please include a reference to the genealogy in the header of an email.)
Our Perley ancestry is: Allan1 - Thomas2 - Thomas3 - Asa4 - Asa5 - Amos6 - Thomas H.7 - Eliza Annetta8, who married James Martin Eldridge. 



Allan Perley  (born Wales 1608)
Moses Perley identifies a handwritten genealogy of the male descendents begun by Allan’s grandson Thomas.  (Thomas3, Thomas2, Allan1)


There are many different stories about Allan’s arrival in North America.

Geo. Aug. Perley claims Allan emigrated from Wales to Charlestown, Mass., on July 12, 1630.  He moved to Ipswich in 1634 and married Susanna Bokeson (Bokenson?) in 1635.  He died Dec 28, 1675, leaving Widow Susanna (1614- Feb 11, 1692)

An Allan Perley is listed at age 27, freemason, on 18 May 1642, in Ipswich


An Allen Perley arrived on the Planter from London in 1635.  Some claim this is the Allen Perley listed above. There are records of several Allan or Allen Perley’s in the early 1600’s.


Some claim he was born in Ipswich, MA, to William Farwell Perley, (1582 - ? in England, married abt. 1607 in England) which seems to be unreasonable.  Allan reportedly made at least 2 trips back to Wales.


GENERATION II  [Allan1]:             children of Allan & Susanna

I.          John Perley (b. 1636 in Ipswich, MA - Dec 15, 1729 in Boxford, MA) m Mary Howlett (abt. 1642, Ispswich - Oct 21, 1718, Boxford, MA) d/o Dea. Thomas Howlett & Alice French, in 1661


  II.         Samuel Perley (1640 - aft 1707) m Ruth Trumbull (Feb 23, 1645 - ) d/o Dea. John Trumble) & Elinor Chandler, on July 15, 1664


            *III.     Thomas Perley (of Rowley, MA, freemason in Newbury) (1640/41, Ipswich Mass - Sept 24, 1709 in Boxford Mass)

Moses Perley has Thomas m. July 6, 1667 to Lydia Peabody (1644 - Apr 30, 1715) daughter of Francis and Mary-Foster Peabody. (Mary was d/o Reginald Foster.)


                            Other sources have Thomas m Lydia (Peabody) Howlett (bapt. 1640-Apr 30, 1715), widow of Thomas Howlett, on July 8, 1667/68, d/o Francis & Lydia (?) Peabody (Pabodie)


            IV.       Nathaniel Perley (1643/44 - Apr 29, 1668 age 24)      


            V.        Sarah Perley (1648/49 -Jan 16, 1693/94) m William Watson (1648 at Ipswich - Jun 27, 1710 in Boxford, MA) on Jan 15,1670 in Newbury, MA.

                        or   Sarah m Capt. Joseph Andrews on Feb 1, 1681

            VI.       Timothy Perley (1653, Ipswich - Jan 25, 1718)

                                    m(1) Deborah ? (1657-)

                                    m(2) Dorothy (Perley) (1660- 1735)  (Possibly same wife)


            VII.      Martha Perley (Apr 20, 1657, Ipswich -) m Benjamin Coker (Jun 30, 1650, Newbury, MA - Mar 24,1704/5) s/o Robert Coker & Catherine [Coker]), on May 31, 1678.


Note:    In 1692, Thomas Perley (Pearly) Sr. was a member of the panel of the jury of the Oyer and Terminer Court at Salem (Salem witch trials).


            In the indictment of Elizabeth How (found guilty and executed July 19, 1692), four of her accusers were two of Thomas Perley’s brothers and their wives:


                        Timothy Perley (Pearly) and wife, Deborah.  (In the transcript of the indictment, Timothy is 38 and his wife 33 - this agrees with birth year of 1653  for Timothy and roughly 1657 for Deborah)


                        Samuel Perley and wife Ruth.  In the transcript of the indictment, Samuel is 52 and his wife 46.  This would agree with the Samuel listed above who was born in 1640 and his younger wife.


GENERATION III[Thomas2,Allan1]         children of Thomas & Lydia:

            *A.      Thomas Perley (Sept 27, 1668/9 - Nov 13,1745), Capt.

                                    m(1)  Sarah Osgood (Nov 4, 1675 - Sept 23, 1724) d/o John Osgood & Mary Clement, bef 1692

                                      (Mary (Clement) Osgood confessed to being a witch in 1692 and served 3 months in jail)

                                    m(2) Elizabeth (Porter) Putnam (Oct 7, 1673 - Oct, 1746) on May 15, 1727

                                      (Elizabeth was the mother of David Putnam who married Thomas’ daughter Rebeccah, and of Eunice Putnam who married Thomas’ son, Thomas)


            B.         Lydia Perley (July 25, 1672- Aug 31, 1685)

            C.        Jacob Perley (Feb 27, 1675-Apr, 1751)

                                    m(1) Lydia Peabody (Mar 9, 1672/73 - 1707), d/o Capt. John Peabody & Hannah Andrew, on Dec 6, 1696 

                                    m(2) Lydia Peabody (Feb 4,1682/83, Boxford, Essex, MA - Apr 30, 1732) d/o Joseph Peabody & Bethiah Bridges, on May 9,1709

                                    m(3) Mehitable Safford  (abt 1683, Ipswich, MA - abt 1754, Bradford, MA.), d/o John Safford & Sarah Low on Jun 24, 1733)


            D.        Mary Perley m ? Hazen

            E          Hepsibah Perley (Apr 14, 1678- Mar 2, 1694/95)

            F.         Sarah Perley (abt 1684, Boxford, MA - Jun 17, 1769 in Bradford, MA)
m(1) Edward Hazen (Jul 17, 1688 in Rowley, MA - Apr 19, 1723 Newbury, MA) s/o Edward Hazen & Jane Pickard
m(2) Samuel Hale (Jun 6, 1674 in Newbury, MA - 13 Dec 13, 1745, Bradford, MA) s/o Thomas Hale & Mary Hutchinson in Boxford, MA on Dec 30, 1723


                  Note:    Edward is a descendant of Edward Hazen, (bef Dec 14, 1614, Cadney, Lincolnshire, England - Jul 22, 1683 Rowley, Essex City, MA) & either Elizabeth ? (Abt 1610, Cadney -Sept 18, 1649) or Hannah Grant (Mar 2, 1650, Cottingham, Yorkshire - Feb, 1714/15, Haverhill, Essex, MA)


                        See:  Sarah Nevers Perley :  [Amos6,Asa5,Asa4,Thomas3, Thomas2,Allan1]  She married Charles Hazen, also a descendant.


GENERATION IV[Thomas3,Thomas2,Allan1]      children of Thomas & Sarah:

            1)         Lydia Perley  (Jun 21, 1696, Boxford - ?)

                        Moses Perley says she isn’t mentioned in her father’s will and probably died young.

Some have Lydia Perley  (Jun 21, 1696, Boxford - Sept 29,1750, Haverhill, MAm Peter Ayer (Oct 1,1696, Haverhill - 1774, Haverhill), s/o Lt. Samuel Ayer & Elizabeth Tuttle, on Jan 17, 1720/1 in Haverhill, MA.

                   Moses Perley has Lydia4 Perley [Jacob3,Thomas2,Allan1] (Oct 5, 1697- bef 1750) m Peter Ayers (Oct 1, 1696 - ?, s/o  Lt.Samuel and Elizabeth-Tuttle Ayers of Haverhill) in Boxford on Jan 17, 1720

            2)         Mary Perley  (May 16, 1697 -  Mar 26, 1738) m John Baker (Jan 6, 1689/90 - Aug 1,1734)  s/o Thomas Baker & Priscilla Symonds on Nov 16, 1717 

            3)         Hephzibah Perley  (Aug 14, 1699 -) m Dea. Thomas Redington (Apr 1,1694 - Aug 10, 1755;) s/o Thomas Redington & Mary Kimball, on  Nov 8, 1723 

            4)         Moses Perley  (Dec 11,1701 -  Nov 9,1702 East Boxford, Essex, MA

            5)         Sarah Perley (Oct 2,1703 in Boxford, MA - aft 1745) m Dean or Dane Robinson (1696, Andover, MA - May 12, 1779, Boxford), s/o Dane Robinson & Mercy Chadwick, on Apr 17, 1725 in Andover, MA

            6)         Thomas (Feb 22, 1703/04/05, E Boxford, Essex, MA - Sept 28, 1795) m Eunice Putnam (Apr 3, 1710, Salem - Feb 2, 1787, Boxford) on Sept 20, 1731 at Boxford.  Eunice was his step sister.

            7)         Mehitabel Perley   (Jun 26, 1708 -  Oct 14,1723)

            8)         Rebeccah Perley  (Oct 28/29, 1710 - 1790) m Col. David Putnam, s/o of Joseph Putnam & Elizabeth Porter on Feb 14, 1728 at Ipswich. 

He was her stepbrother.

            9)         Allen Perley  (Apr 14, 1714-)  

            *10)     Asa (Oct 10, 1716, E. Boxford - Apr 10, 1806)

                                    m(1) Susannah Low (Jan 1, 1718/19, Ipswich - Jan 15, 1762 Boxford) on Jan 31, 1737, d/o Samuel Low.

                                    m(2) Apphia (Putnam) Porter (Jul 8,1716, Salem - Dec 28, 1780) d/o Dea. Eleazer Putnam & Elizabeth Rolfe, widow of John Porter, on Aug 2, 1762 in Salem.

                                    m(3) Ruth-Heard Kimble, widow (Mar 10, 1722 - Apr 24, 1806) - banns Nov 10, 1781


            11)       Margaret Perley  (Nov 23,1719 -)


GENERATION V[Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2,Allan1children of Asa & Susannah:

            a)         Dudley Perley (Nov 23, 1738, Boxford -Dec 16, 1810, Winchendon, Mass) m Hannah Hale (Oct 26, 1743 - Aug 9,1806 Boxford) on Dec 3, 1767.

            *b)       Asa Perley (Dec 13, 1740 at Boxford - 1815) m Hannah Pickard on Mar 2, 1769. He emigrated to Maugerville, New Brunswick ca 1764.
            c)         Eliphalet Perley (Aug 27, 1742 - died young)
            d)         Susanna Perley (June 13, 1744- ) m Asa Peabody (July 1, 1741-Oct, 1807) on Sept 5, 1765

            e)         Allen Perley (May 11, 1746 - died young)

            f)          Eliphalet Perley (Nov 22, 1747-Apr 15, 1822) m Ann Porter (1754 - July 10,1823) on Mar 24, 1774
            g)         Allen Perley (June 9, 1750 - Dec, 1829) m(1) Judith (?) Case in 1779 (Banns Sept 11)

                                    m(2) Lydia Porter (Oct 12, 1756? - Mar 3, 1846 at 89 years, 4 mon, 19 days) on Jan 29, 1794

            h)         Daniel Perley (Sept 24, 1752 at Boxford - Mar 6, 1838 at Bridgeton, Maine)

                                     m(1)  Rebecca Porter(? - Feb 20, 1810) on Dec 6, 1781

                                     m(2)  Huldah (Peabody) Chamberlaine, w/o of Nathaniel (Jan 6, 1765 Andover, MA- Aug 22, 1854) on Feb 14, 1815

             i)         Henry Perley (Feb 17,1755 Boxford -Feb 6, 1838 Boxford) m(1) Eunice Hood ( Oct 1,1757 Topsfield, MA -Oct 11, 1790 Boxford) on Oct 27, 1781

                        m(2)  Mehitable Peabody (Nov 12, 1768 - Oct 28, 1844) on Oct 30, 1799

             j)         Samuel Perley (Sept 15,1757 Boxford - Jun 18,1807) m Phebe Dresser (Apr 29, 1762 Rowley, MA - Feb 25, 1850) (banns Mar 24, 1798)

             k)        Solomon Perley (Feb 25, 1760-) m(1) Lucy Kimball (bapt Sept 6, 1767 Topsfield, Mass - Sept 29, 1790) on Nov 26, 1789
m(2) March 8, 1798, Elizabeth Pickard

GENERATION VI[Asa5,Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2,Allan1]  children of Asa and Hannah:

            *i)        Amos Perley (May 24,  1777 - August 30, 1822) m1 Hannah Nevers, (Mar 12, 1785, Maugerville- Dec 29, 1809, d.o Samuel Nevers, Jr and Isabel ?) in 1807


            GENERATION VII:  [Amos6,Asa5,Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2,Allan1]

                               (Children of Hannah Nevers and Amos Perley are)


A.    Sarah Nevers Perley (March 26, 1808, Maugerville -  March 22, 1835, Oromocto, NB)  m Charles Hazen (May 1793 - March1, 1865 at 71 years of age (headstone in St John's Anglican Cemetery, Oromocto), s/o of John Hazen and Priscilla McKinstry,  in Oromocto,)   [Genealogy of the McKinstry Family, by William Willis, 1866, has Charles born June 10, 1794]

        [Charles m2 Mary Jones]


                              Note:    Charles is a descendant of Edward Hazen, (bef Dec 14, 1614, Cadney, Lincolnshire, England - Jul 22, 1683 Rowley, Essex City, MA) & either Elizabeth ? (Abt 1610, Cadney -Sept 18, 1649) or Hannah Grant (Mar 2, 1650, Cottingham, Yorkshire - Feb, 1714/15, Haverhill, Essex, MA)


                              See Sarah Perley [Thomas2,Allan1], who married Edward Hazen, also a descendant.


                        GENERATION VIII:  [Sarah Hazen7,Amos6,Asa5,Asa4,Thomas3,


                                           (Children of Sarah Perley and Charles Hazen:


1.    Sarah Isabella Hazen (January 19, 1829, Oromocto - Aug 25, 1907) m James Stewart White (Jul 30, 1827, Amherst - Oct 05, 1909, Oromocto) on Dec 04, 1851


                                GENERATION IX:  [Sarah White8,Sarah Hazen7,Amos6, Asa5, Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2,Allan1]

                                            a.       White, Elizabeth “Bessie” Hazen (Sep 22 1852, Oromocto-June 8, 1949)   (living with parents in 1901)

                                                      1911 census has Elizabeth H. White b Sept 1852 living alone)

                                                       (Headstone in St John's Anglican Cemetery, Oromocto)


b.       Mary Isabel White (Jan 22, 1857-1836) m John Edwin Stocker (-Nov 16, 1936) (1901 census has Stoker)

                (1911 census lists only parents)


GENERATION X:  [Mary White9,Sarah White8, Sarah Hazen7,Amos6, Asa5, Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2, Allan1]

     i.    Kathleen Mary Stocker (Apr 21, 1886 -)  m Walter Frank Longley (Oct, 1887-)  

                (living with John & Mary Stocker in 1911)


      GENERATION X:  [Mary Stocker10,Mary White9,Sarah Hazen8, Sarah7,Amos6, Asa5, Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2, Allan1]

A)    Beatrice Hazen Longley (Apr 12, 1909 -)

         NB Archives

ii.    Dorothy Isabel Stocker (July 8, 1889, Oromocto-)       (NB Archives) (1901 census has July 20; Amos Perley has July 31)

        Headstone in St John's Anglican Cemetery, Oromocto has Dorothy Isabel White, 1889 - 1966, w/o George William White, 1895 - .

                                            c.       Charles Hazen White (Jan 22, 1866- Dec 3, 1917) m Frances “Fanny” Charlotte Mitchell (Sep 6, 1865 - Dec 27, 1949) on June 14, 1893 (NB archives)

                                                            (both bur. in St. John’s Anglican, Sunbury)


          (in 1901 NB census - not in 1911 for NB)


GENERATION X:  [Charles White9,Sarah White8, Sarah Hazen7,Amos6, Asa5, Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2, Allan1]

                                                      i.    Frances Isabel White (Oct 10, 1898 - 1967)  m William Stirling Neales (Nov 12, 1892 - 1965) on Apr 28, 1921  (earned DCM in WWI)

                                                            (1901 NB census has Fances)

                                                            (all from NB archives)


                                                            St John's Anglican Cemetery, Oromocto has Frances Isabel Neales, d. at birth, 21 Sep 1937, buried beside William Sterling Neales


                                                            NB Vital Stats has William Hazen Scovil Neales (1924 - 1977) m Iris Eleanor Bemrose (1924-) on Dec 26, 1946


                        2.    George8 Leonard Hazen  [Sarah Hazen7,Amos6,Asa5,Asa4, Thomas3,Thomas2,Allan1] (Jan 03, 1831, Oromocto-Aug 26, 1831)


3.    Elizabeth8 Letitia Hazen [Sarah Hazen7,Amos6,Asa5, Asa4, Thomas3,Thomas2,Allan1] (May 14, 1834, Oromocto - Aft. 1905) m Alexander Gilmore (June 29, 1826, Belfast - Feb 15, 1883, Brooklyn) on Jul 14, 1854

       (Elizabeth living with daughter Virginia in 1911)

      GENERATION IX:  [Elizabeth Gilmore8,Sarah Hazen7,Amos6, Asa5, Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2,Allan1]

                                            a.       Charles Hazen Gilmore (May 18, 1855, Calais Maine-) m Annie M. Clowes (June 15, 1854 Oromocto - ) ca 1890

                                             b.      Virginia Marsh Gilmore (Aug 25, 1858, Moses Perley has Jun 19, 1857- Jan 2, 1929) m James Peter Bliss (May 10, 1855 - Apr 2, 1922) on May 17, 1887 in Oromocto.

                                                      GENERATION X:  [Virginia Gilmore9,Elizabeth Hazen8,Sarah7,Amos6,Asa5,Asa4,Thomas3, Thomas2,Allan1]

                                                      i.    Mary Elizabeth Gilmor Bliss (Feb 17, 1890 -)

NB Archives has:

                Beatrice Hazen Longley b Apr 12, 1909 to Kathleen Mary Stocker and Walter Frank Longley 

                        ii.    Edith Lockhart Bliss (Dec 29, 1891 -) m William Bell Cartmel on Jun 16, 1909 in Sunbury


                                                            GENERATION XI:  [Edith Bliss10,Virginia Gilmore9,Elizabeth Hazen8,Sarah7,Amos6, Asa5,Asa4,Thomas3, Thomas2,Allan1]

                                                            A)    George Bliss Cartmel (Apr 26, 1910 Federicton -)
(in 1911, Edith & George were boarders at parents Virginia and James Bliss Bliss in Burton Parish)

                       iii.   Charles Gilmor Bliss (Jan, 1894 -) m Frances Charlotte (Reid) Price (Jun 23, 1891 -) on July 26, 1928 in Fredericton


                        B.    Hannah7 Isabella Perley  [Amos6,Asa5,Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2, Allan1] (December 18, 1809, Maugerville - September 25, 1845,  death announcement in the New Brunswick Courier)


                        Amos Perley m2 Maria Carman  (b. January 2, 1788 in Lancaster, St Johns, NB, and died November 5, 1828,  d.o Richard Carman and Sarah Hewlett Horsfield ) on Oct 10, 1815.  See Appendix 3 below for her ancestors.

                        (Maria remarried to Archibald Shields.  The death announcement in The New Brunswick Courier of November 22, 1828 states she was the w.o. Archibald Shields)

                        Amos was the representative of Sunbury County in the N. B. Legislature


                        GENERATION VII:  [Amos6,Asa5,Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2,Allan1]

                                    (Children of Maria Carman and Amos Perley are)

A.      Louisa Ann Perley (January 29, 1817 - October 15, 1894)


B.       Susan Elizabeth Perley (December 3, 1818 - d. Infant)


*C.    Thomas Horsfield Perley  (April 27, 1820, Maugerville, NB  - February 8, 1894, in Victoria, BC of the grippe)  (Carman genealogy has birthdate April 3, 1820)


            M(1)   June 28, 1843 to  Hannah Moore Deveber (June 28, 1822 - Mar 15,1864) (d/o Isaac C. Deveber & Jane W. Moore) at Christ Church, Maugerville (wedding announcement in New Brunswick Courier said June 26)  See Appendix One below for Hannah's Genealogy.

            Thomas was a farmer (1851 census) and a lumberman - cutting and selling lumber.

            “Mr. Perley had been a warden of Christ Church and a faithful attendant for many years. He had also been a member of the county council and postmaster for a number of years. In the spring of 1888 he was induced by one of his sons to go west and with two sons and two daughters went to Eau Claire where his eldest son had settled.”

            From:    The Daily Sun, Saint John, February 28, 1894

He was president of the Sunbury Agricultural Society for three or more terms.  He was also president of a large society called the British Templars and of a total abstinence society.

           He later moved to Victoria, BC, where he died and was buried..


            GENERATION VIII[Thomas7,Amos6,Asa5,Asa4,Thomas3, Thomas2, Allan1]         children of T. H. Perley and Hannah, all born Maugerville, NB:

            1.         Helen Jane Perley (Mar 25, 1844- Jan 30, 1933 at age 88 in Victoria)  See her brother William Perley below)


            2.         Amos Charles Perley (Christening record and 1851 census have name in this order - later records use Charles Amos) (Feb 18 or 26,1847 -) m  June 26, 1880 to Anne (Annie) Bell Smith (Oct 7, 1857, Maugerville, -?) on June 26, 1880 in Boston, Suffolk, MA   Moved to Eau Claire, WI in the early 1880’s.


                  The 1884 Eau Claire city directory lists Charles H. Perley, carpenter.  He was also a mill-wright and a farmer.

                        They lived in Washburn, WI for many years.

                        1910, 1920 US Censuses have Charles A & Anne B Perley in Bayfield, Wisc.)


                        GENERATION IX[Charles8,Thomas7,Amos6,Asa5,Asa4, Thomas3,Thomas2,Allan1]            (1900 US census & Moses Perley)
a.     Grace Edna Perley (Aug 28, 1881-) m John Roland Phillips (Dec 31, 1874, London, Eng. -) on Sept 2, 1901 in St. Paul, MN


                                GENERATION X:  [Grace9,Bertha8,Thomas7,Amos6, Asa5,Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2,Allan1]

                                i.  John Roland Phillips (Sept 7, 1902 - )

                                ii.  Dorothy Grace Phillips (Aug 30, 1904 -)

                        b.     Ray Ford Perley (July 8, 1883-)

    c.     Scott Deveber Perley (May 25, 1885 - Aug 12, 1885)

                        d.     Maud J. Perley (Feb 18, 1887-)

                        e.     Fern Smith Perley (Dec 11, 1891-)

                        f.     Charles Earl Perley (Mar 15, 1893 in Eau Claire, Wisc.-Dec 22, 1969) m Mary Barron (Sept 21, 1903 - Mar 14, 2004, d/o John & Jane Barron of Scotland)


                        g.      James Lyall Perley (May, 1895-) m Edith I. ?

                                    (moved to Queens, NY)


GENERATION X[Lyall9,Bertha8,Thomas7,Amos6, Asa5,Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2,Allan1]

i.      Edith F. Perley (1926-)

ii.      Lyall J. Perley (1928-)


            3.         Henrietta8 (Net) Elizabeth Perley [Thomas7,Amos6,Asa5, Asa4,Thomas3, Thomas2, Allan1] (May 6, 1849 - NB records have a death of Banks, Henrietta E M. on October 2, 1929 in Sunbury) m. Lt. George Frederick Banks (Apr 6, 1846 - 1924)  at Christ Church, Maugerville on July 15, 1880


                        The Canada GenWeb Cemetery Project has The headstone for George Banks in the United Baptist Cemetery of Maugerville as (1847 - 1924); for Henrietta E (1883 - 1962)

                        And it says they are h/w.


                        (The information about this marriage came from a Newspaper announcement.  A note on the inside of Eliza Perley’s 1879 diary says “Henrietta married July 16 (or 15), 1880 at 4:00 p.m. in Church.


                        GENERATION IX[Henrietta Banks8,Thomas7,Amos6 Asa5, Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2, Allan1]


                        a.       Violet Irene* Banks (Feb 7, 1881 - Dec 27, 1951) m Harry Marshal Smith (Sept 22, 1885 - Nov 3, 1953), s/o Walter Marshal Smith & Joanna Sophia Raymond on  Sept 3, 1913

                                  Death dates from NB Vital Stats.

                                  The Canada GenWeb Cemetery project  for United Baptist Cemetery of Maugerville has:

                                     The death of Harry Marshall Smith in 1958

                                      Headstone reads Violet A. Smith


                                  GENERATION X[Violet Smith9,Henrietta Banks8, Thomas7,Amos6,Asa5, Asa4,Thomas3, Thomas2, Allan1]

                                  i.        Marjorie Irene Smith (Apr 14, 1918 - June 17, 2009) m Burpee “Eugene” Bates (May 4, 1914 - 1994) [Eugene Bates10,Ina Belle Eldridge9, Eliza Eldridge8,Thomas7,Amos6, Asa5,Asa4, Thomas3,Thomas2, Allen Perley1]  

                        and - [Eugene Bates6,Ina Belle Eldridge5, Martin Eldridge4, James Eldridge3, William Eldridge2, William Eldridge1] on Aug 8, 1953

                                      no children
Marjorie was a teacher in Fredericton at The Charlotte Street and Devon Superior Schools.

                                  Eugene was a photographer who worked at UNB.


                        b.   Frederick G. Banks (Oct 7, 1882 -1962)

                        c.   Blanche B. Banks   (Jul 25, 1885 - )

                              NB Vital Stats have the death of Blanche Beatrice Banks on May 8, 1953 in York Co.

            4.       Hannah8 Louisa Isabel (Bell) Perley [Thomas7,Amos6,Asa5, Asa4,Thomas3, Thomas2, Allan1] (age 3 months in 1851 census;  Bapt Dec 18, 1851; 1901 BC census has birth Nov 26, 1851; 1911 BC census has birth Mar, 1851; -  Apr 30, 1914) m. James Shields (1833-) on June 9, 1881 at residence of her father.

                      The 1881 Census of Maugerville has James Shields (50) living with Frank (21) and Chris? (17).

                       (Dec 3, 1895 St. John Daily Sun reported F.P. Shields has been appointed post master in upper Maugerville in the place of Mrs. Isabel Shields who went to Victoria, B.C.)


                                                GENERATION IX[Isabel Shields8,Thomas7,Amos6 Asa5, Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2, Allan1]

                                                a.         Mary Louisa Shields (Apr 12, 1884-)


                                                            BC archives have the death of Mary Louisa Shields on Aug 5, 1926 at the age of 42 in Victoria.   Matthew Gray quotes his Uncle Walter as stating that Bertha went regularly to Victoria to see her sister and was there to take care of Mary Shields when she passed.


            5.       William8 (Will) George Frederick Perley [Thomas7,Amos6, Asa5,Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2,Allan1] (June or July 25, 1853 -  Nov 14, 1924 in Victoria at the age of 71)


                      The 1901 BC Census has Helen (Ellen) and William (a carpenter) living with Isabel Shields in Victoria, BC.  However, Helen is listed as her sister and William as her brother in law, with 3 children.  The children are listed as born in NB but there is no record of their birth there.

                      The 1911 BC census lists Helen and Frederick Perley as husband and wife.  Hannah and Mary Shields are boarders with them.  There is no record of the children in 1911.


                      GENERATION IX[William8,Thomas7,Amos6 Asa5, Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2, Allan1]

                      a.           Ellen (Helen?) Perley ( Jun 4, 1884 -)

                      b.           John Perley (Jul 9, 1887-)

                      c.           Thomas Perley (May 14, 1889-)


            *6.     Eliza8 Annetta Perley [Thomas7,Amos6,Asa5,Asa4,Thomas3, Thomas2, Allan1] (May 17,1855- Dec 4, 1945) m. James Martin Eldridge (July 31, 1855- Dec 11,1918) on Saturday, February 19th, 1881 at her father’s residence.


                      GENERATION IX[William8,Thomas7,Amos6 Asa5, Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2, Allan1]

a.     Wilford Perley Eldridge (Jan 17, 1882- Sept 23, 1904)

b.     Pearl Viola Eldridge (Sept 12, 1883 - July 29, 1963) m William Luther Barry on Oct 18, 1905

c.     Roy Chipman Eldridge (Feb 22, 1887 - Feb 18,1966) m Mary Nugeon Winning on Apr 28, 1915

d.     Ina Bell Eldridge (Sept 25, 1889 - Jan 12, 1972) m Burpee Otis Bates on Aug 21, 1912

e.     Hazel Irene Eldridge (Apr 18, 1892- Aug 5, 1918) m John Barry on Sept 22, 1915

f.      Clare Merton Eldridge (Oct 10, 1895-June 1, 1972) m Grace A. Borthwick on Nov 18, 1920


                       (See William Eldridge, Beaver Harbour Genealogy for their descendants -


            7.       Bertha8 Ida Marie Perley [Thomas7,Amos6,Asa5,Asa4, Thomas3,Thomas2,Allan1] (May 1, 1857 [US censuses have 1858, 1860, 1868] -Oct 25, 1935 in Eau Claire, WI)  m Daniel Lewis Emery (Nov 12, 1851, Aroostock, Maine - ?, The Eau Claire Leader of Nov 28, 1908 has an obituary for Daniel L. Emery)  Daniel was s/o Miles Emery & Marie Adelaide Nadeau.

  Moses Perley has Daniel’s birth on Nov 12, 1939.)

                      Married on Nov 28, 1888 in Eau Claire.


GENERATION IX[Bertha8,Thomas7,Amos6,Asa5, Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2, Allan1]

a.     Percy Thomas Emery (Jun 26, 1889 - May, 1969 in Washington St) m Ingrid F. Edholm (1889 -?) on Mar 3, 1913


GENERATION X[Thomas Emery9,Bertha8,Thomas7, Amos6,Asa5, Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2, Allan1]

        i.    Mae Emery (1913-)


b.     Earl Roy Emery (Feb 26, 1891 - Nov, 1976 in WA) m Mildred Foss (d/o Matilda ? and Andrew Foss) on Oct 6, 1915 in Minneapolis.

GENERATION X[Roy Emery9,Bertha8,Thomas7, Amos6,Asa5, Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2, Allan1]

          Children born Eau Claire.

                                                      i.   Charles Andrew Emery (Oct 3, 1916 - Jun 9, 2000, WA) m Edith Marjorie Crabtree, d/o David William Crabtree and Annie Elizabeth Heal, on  Apr 6, 1940 in Seattle.

                                                      ii.   Walter Harold Emery (1918- ) m Etha Mae Bailes in 1951 in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

c.     Charles Henry Emery (Jan 11, 1893 - Aug 19, 1972 in WA) m Mina C. ? (1898-) (1930 US Census)


GENERATION XCharles Emery9,Bertha8,Thomas7, Amos6,Asa5, Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2, Allan1]

        i)    Thomas G. Emery (1920-)


d.     Harold Willis Emery (May 5, 1895 - Dec, 1970 in WA) m Ermina V? (1912-) in Miller, Mason, WA (1930 US census)


e.     Edna Helen Emery (Aug 18, 1897 - May 8, 1901)


                              There are 2 other pre-1907 records for Emery’s in Eau Claire.  Due to her age these may not be Bertha’s.

                                                            Emery, (unknown), died on 04 Dec 1903  (unlikely)

                                                            Agnes Emery  (Mar 11, 1906 - Aug 24, 1906)


                                    8.       Thomas8 Arthur Medley Perley [Thomas7,Amos6,Asa5,Asa4, Thomas3, Thomas2, Allan1] (Nov 15, 1860- Aug 21, 1888 of inflammation of the bowels in Eau Claire, Wisc.)


      Thomas H. Perley m2 Henrietta Sophia (DeVeber) Treadwell (1824 - 1917), the younger sister of his first wife, Hannah DeVeber, on July 20, 1868 in Houlton, Maine.  In 1911, Henriettta was living with her brother, William DeVeber.  She is buried beside her father and brothers in Anglican Cemetery, Rusagonis in Maugerville Parish.  The name Harriet is given on the headstone and in the 1901 census, while Henrietta is on the 1851, 1881, and 1911 census.  Her birthdate is given as 1824 on the deVeber web site, Mar 9, 1825 on the 1901 census March, 1827 in the 1911 census and 1827 on her tombstone.


            Henrietta’s first husband is said to be George W. Treadwell.

            Their children may have been:

            George Treadwell, Alfred Treadwell, unknown.


            I can find no record of this family.


          (Eliza Perley’s 1879 diary has numerous references to “Aunt Hal”, sometimes in conjunction with her father - was Aunt Hal actually her stepmother Henrietta?)


D.      Maria7 Jane Perley [Amos6,Asa5,Asa4, Thomas3, Thomas2,Allan1] (December 31, 1821 - 1905*) :  m George Allen Treadwell (Mar 15, 1814, (age 37 in 1851 census)  on Sept 16, 1847.   The Fredericton Evening Capital of September 28, 1889 reported George A. Treadwell, a resident of Upper Maugerville (Sunbury Co.) died at his residence Sept 19, 1889 of cancer in the stomach. He left a wife, two sons, one daughter. The Daily Telegraph of Saint John of Sept 21, 1889 gives his age as 75 years 6 mos. 4 days.)

          GENERATION VIII[Maria Treadwell7,Amos6,Asa5, Asa4,Thomas3, Thomas2, Allan1]   

          1.   George Archibald Treadwell (Oct 13, 1848  - 1905*)                                 

          2.   Arthur Marshman Treadwell (Dec 18, 1850 -  Feb 18, 1854, b in Lincoln Parish Cemetery)


          3.   Laura Jane Treadwell (Aug 30, 1852 -) m Charles Henley Sterling (Oct 14, 1860 -) on Dec 7, 1881 in Maugerville


                NB records have deaths of Laura Jane Sterling in York on Mar 20, 1935 and of Charles Henry Sterling on Dec 29, 1933 in York.


                GENERATION IX[Laura Sterling8,Maria Treadwell7, Amos6, Asa5,Asa4, Thomas3, Thomas2, Allan1] (from

                a.       Harry Sterling (October 25, 1882, Gibson, York, NB- Oct 25, 1882, Gibson)

                b.       George Roy Sterling (Dec 19. 1884, Gibson - June 8, 1885, Gibson)

                c.       Laura May Sterling (July 12, 1885, Gibson - Apr 18, 1886, Gibson).

                d.       Louis Kennedy Sterling (Jan 15, 1887, Gibson -) m Annie E. Miles on Sept 25, 1907  in York


                          NB records have birth of unnamed Sterlings (Stirlings) on July 26, 1908; Mar 16, 1912; and May 14, 1913 in Gibson, York to Lewis Sterling and Nan or Nina Miles.

The 1911 census of York, St. Mary’s, p 33, has Louis, age 23; Annie age 22, Marion Age 2.  (The year of birth column was left blank.)

                          Note:  NB records have the following births to Laura and Charles Sterling in Gibson or St. Mary’s

                        a.         George Ray Sterling on November 9, 1884

                        b.         daughter: ---a May Sterling, on July 1, 1885) (Laura)

                        c.         son: -----k Sterling, on June 17, 1887 (Louis K.)


4.     Alfred Allen Treadwell (Dec 31, 1854 - May 9, 1939*) m Gertrude Mullin/Thompson (1861-1933)*  (The name  Gertrude Parks appears on the headstone.)

        There is no record of Gertrude Parks in the 1881 census.

              (1901 census for Alfred has him as head with his parents living with him.)

              (The 1911 census of Maugerville has A. A. Treadwell (1864-) m to Gertrude (1867-)

                        NB Vital Stats has Gertrude Mullin m Robert Thompson on Mar 5, 1889 in St. John.

                        NB Vital Stats has Alfred A. Treadwell m Gertrude Mullin, widow of Robert Thompson (Aug 25, 1856 - Sept 3, 1901), on Oct 11, 1905

                        NB Vital Stats has the death of Gertrude Treadwell on Oct 21, 1933.

                        The 1901 census of St John, p 28, has Gertrude Thompson b Nov 24, 1867.


5.     Ella Maria Treadwell (May 7, 1859 - d. Maugerville Feb 21, 1875 of diphtheria, age 17, second d/o George A. Treadwell)


6.     Henry (Harry) Havelock Treadwell (Dec 23, 1861 - Mar. 6, 1875, age 13 of diphtheria - youngest son)


        * - headstones in United Baptist Cemetery, Maugerville, NB


       {Albert Treadwell? (12 on 1881 census)  On the 1901 census he is listed as a cousin of Alfred A., and living with him plus Maria and George.}

        Was he a son of George Archibald Treadwell?


        NB Vital Stats have Albert L. Treadwell m Annie E. Ryder on Aug 1, 1906 in York Cty

        NB Vital Stats have Annie Ethel Ryder b Apr 30, 1885

        NB Vital Stats have the death of Albert L. Treadwell on Feb 9, 1920

        NB Vital Stats have the marriage of Anne Treadwell to Frank C. Delong on Sept 15, 1920


        Children of Albert and Annie

                                        a.     unknown Treadwell (Oct 7, 1907)     

                                          b.     Henry James Treadwell (Dec 27, 1908 -)

                                          c.     Colborne Arthur Treadwell (Mar 27, 1910 -)}


          ii)     Dudley6 Perley [Asa5,Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2,Allan1]  (Mar 20, 1779 - Jan 20, 1860) m Anne Gillis (Apr 11, 1788, Halifax - 1869) in 1806 at Chatham, Northumberland Co. - they settled at Chatham.


          iii)    Asa6 Perley [Asa5,Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2,Allan1]    (1781 at Maugerville - abt 1832) m. Elizabeth Langan in 1811

          iv)    Nathaniel6 Perley [Asa5,Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2,Allan1] 

          v)     Jane6 Perley [Asa5,Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2,Allan1]   

          vi)    Susannah6 Perley [Asa5,Asa4,Thomas3,Thomas2,Allan1] 


deVeber Family Genealogy to the Perleys

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? d’Vebre died date unknown. He married Mary Ann ?  (b. Bet. 1700 - 1710, d. Aft. February 02, 1785)


Family legend has it that ? d’Vebre was a Field Marshall in the Swiss Army who was a military attache at the court of Marie Antoinette who became Queen of France in 1774. A ring given by the Queen remains in the family. He was reportedly killed in a duel.  [Several Swiss regiments were serving the court of France in the time of Marie Antoinette - the lists of commanders of these regiments does not include any d’Vebre.]


            GENERATION II [unknown d’Vebre1]

I.    Gabriel deVeber I, (b. Bet. 1731 - 1735, Switzerland, d. July 26, 1810, Maugerville, Sunbury County, N.B., Canada)  Col. G. deVeber. left England in the 1750's. Joined the British army soon after his arrival in America.  Married 1st cousin Lady Mary (de Veber).


 Notes on Gabriel deVeber I:
Burial: July 1810, Tombstone in Maugerville
Anglican Cemetery.
Individual Note 1: November 04, 1769, Court Affidavit dated 4 Nov. 1769 in Gloucester Co., NJ, names Gabriel DeVeber.
Individual Note 2: November 30, 1778, Indictments for joining Army of the King of Great Britain, Revolutionary History of New Jersey, Vol. II, p. 581 .
Military service 1: December 1781, Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in the Prince of Wales American Volunteers (Provincial) 6 years of service as of 1782).142
Military service 2: Billingsport, N.J..
Military service 3: Emmrick's Chasseurs.
Military service 4: December 02, 1759, Commissioner of Musters - reference on a commission from General Amherst dated Dec 2, 1759 at Albany New York promoting Thomas Menzies to Lieutenant in the Independent New York Company. Original document held by Mr. & Mrs. Albert Fitzrandolph, N.B..
Military service 5: December 02, 1759, Fort Albany during French and Indian War (Document held by Albert Fitzrandolph of S. Musquash, NB. (info from 1993 - Bristow letter).
Military service 6: March 19, 1778, West Jersey Volunteers - commissioner as a Major.
Military service 7: July 1778, Transferred to Long Island, N.Y..
Military service 8: 1781, Delancey's Brigade, 3rd Battalion at Jamacia, L.I., NY.
Military service 9: 1784, Retired to half pay after 1784.
Occupation: 1773, Merchant - DeVeber, Gabriel, Tax List I, 1773-74 - Revolutionary Census of New Jersey, Hunterdon House, 1986. (Bristow 1993 letter).
Probate: 1810, Sunbury County Probate Records .143
Property 1: August 14, 1784, Loyalist Land Grant: Lot 115, Parrtown (St. John).144
Property 2: July 06, 1784, Loyalist Land Grant: 1000 acres, St. John, Lancaster.144
Residence: Abt. 1778, Manuta Creek -"..describes his estate on Manua Creek" reference to his forfeited estate in Revoutionary History of New Jersey, Vol. IV, p192. Bristow info. Will: 1809, Provincial Archives of New Brunswick in Fredericton, N.B..

      He married (1) Mary Burke. Mary Burke was born Bet. 1720 - 1735, and died date unknown in Portland, Maine, USA.


                        GENERATION III [Gabriel deVeber2,unknown d’Vebre1]

                                    Children of Gabriel deVeber I and Mary Burke are:


A.        Gabriel deVeber II, (b. 1752, USA, d. May 23, 1827, Burton, Sunbury County, NB, Canada.

B.         Francis deVeber, b. Abt. 1759, England, d. Bet. 1791 - 1794.

    He married (2) Mary Johnston or Johnson (b. May 28, 1749, d. date unknown) on January 13, 1766.  Mary Johnston was probably of Dutch or Swedish descent and wouldn't have any connections in Switzerland.


                       GENERATION III [Gabriel deVeber2,unknown d’Vebre1]

                                    Children of Gabriel deVeber I and Mary Johnston are:


C.        Anne deVeber, b. 1766, Potomac River, USA, d. date unknown.

D.        Sarah deVeber, b. 1769, Philadelphia, Penn. USA, d. Aft. 1810.

E.         John deVeber, b. Bet. 1768 - 1770, Gloucester, NJ, USA., d. December 29, 1860, Maugerville, Sunbury County, NB, Canada.

F.         Henry deVeber, b. 1772, Greenwich, NJ, USA, d. October 21, 1867, Gagetown, Queen's County, NB.

G.        Samuel deVeber, b. 1774, Greenwich, MA., USA, d. Aft. 1810.

H.        Joshua deVeber, b. 1775, USA, d. Bef. 1810.

I.          Benjamin deVeber, b. 1777, New Jersey, USA, d. Aft. 1810.

J.          Mary deVeber, b. 1781, USA, d. September 08, 1868, Maugerville, Sunbury County, NB.

K.        Caroline deVeber, b. Abt. 1782, At Sea, USA, d. date unknown.

L.         Henrietta deVeber, b. 1783, Saint John, Saint John County, NB, d. August 14, 1876, Maugerville, Sunbury County, NB.


M.        Isaac Claudius deVeber, (b. 1786, Musquash, Saint John County, NB, d. May 12, 1867, Maugerville, Christening: January 17, 1802, Parish of Maugerville Anglican Church Records.)


            He married Jane Whitlock Moore, (born 1792 in St. Mary's Parish, York County, N.B., Canada, and died September 1856 in Maugerville, Sunbury County, N.B. Burial: September 11, 1856, Parish of Maugerville Anglican Church Records) daughter of James Moore, on November 15, 1817 in St. Mary's Parish, York County, N.B., Canada.  See Appendix 2, the Moore genealogy, for the ancestry of Jane.

                                    GENERATION IV [Isaac3,Gabriel deVeber2,unknown d’Vebre1]

                                    Children of Jane W. Moore and Isaac Claudius deVeber are:


1.         Mary Elizabeth deVeber, b. 1820, Maugerville, Sunbury County, NB, d. date unknown.

                      2.         Henrietta/Harriet Sophia deVeber, b Mar 9, 1825/27, Maugerville, Sunbury County, NB, d. 1917, Maugerville.  In 1901 and 1911, Henrietta was living with her brother, William DeVeber.  She is buried beside her father and brothers in Anglican Cemetery, Rusagonis in Maugerville Parish.  The name Harriet is given on the headstone and in the 1901 census, while Henrietta is on the 1851, 1881, and 1911 census.  Her birthdate is given as 1824 on the deVeber web site, Mar 9, 1825 on the 1901 census March, 1827 in the 1911 census and 1827 on her tombstone.

 She married (1) George W. Treadwell.

            GENERATION V [Henrietta Treadwell4,Isaac3,Gabriel deVeber2, unknown d’Vebre1]

a.         George Treadwell, d. date unknown.

b.         Alfred Treadwell, d. date unknown.

c.         ? Treadwell, d. date unknown.


            She married (2) Thomas Horsfield Perley on July 20, 1868 in Houlton, Maine.

3.         William James deVeber, b. 1832, Maugerville, Sunbury County, NB, d. 1917, Maugerville.

4.         Hannah Moore deVeber, b. June 29, 1822, d. March 15, 1864, Maugerville, Sunbury County,  married Thomas H. Perley on June 28, 1843.

            For a more complete list of their descendants, see the Perley genealogy above and the Eldridge genealogy on


5.         Female deVeber, d. date unknown.

N.        Frederic Abraham deVeber, b. Bet. 1787 - 1788, Musquash, Saint John County, NB, d. January 10, 1870, Maugerville, Sunbury County, NB.

O.        Angelina Sophia deVeber, b. Abt. 1788, Maugerville, Sunbury County, NB, d. March 03, 1848, Maugerville.



Moore Family Genealogy

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While there is little doubt that James Moore of Newton, Long Island, NY and of New Brunswick is a descendant of the Reverend John Moore of Newton, NY, the ancestry of the Rev John Moore is not as clear.  Some sources have him as the son of Thomas Moore of Newton, while others have him as the son of John Moore of Crogham, Ireland.  James Moore's book (not the above James Moore) about The Rev. John Moore doesn't identify any ancestry for him.


The Collins Peerage of England, and the Peerage of Ireland don't support any relationship between The Rev. John Moore and Thomas de la Moor (ca 1200), whose descendants were in Benenden, Kent, England, and Crogham, Kings, Ireland, although many claim John is a descendant of Thomas.


There are 2 primary references for this genealogy:


1.       Moore, James W. (1844 – 1909):  Rev. John Moore of Newtown, Long Island, and some of his descendants, Chemical Pub. Co., Easton, PA, 1903.

                This book begins with the Reverend John Moore and lists subsequent generations, including the children of James Moore of New Brunswick and Newton.  Thomas Moore was identified from an internet source.  The History of Salem, MA, by Sidney Perley has both Thomas Sr, John and Thomas Jr in Salem as early as 1636, but does not specifically identify John as a son of Thomas, Sr.


                On a side note:  Thomas' granddaughter, Martha, (father Thomas Jr), m John Seaman.  Some sources list them as the parents of Hannah Seamen who m John Carman.  John Carman’s ggg granddaughter, Maria Carman, m Amos Perley and was the mother of Thomas H. Perley.  Thomas H. Perley m both Hannah Moore deVeber and Henrietta deVeber, daughters of Isaac deVeber and Jane Whitlock Moore, another possible descendant of Thomas Moore, Sr., only if the Rev. John is his son.


2.       First Families of New Brunswick  (See the article below)

                This article begins with the father of James Moore and lists James’s children and their spouses.

Also:   Brydges, Sir Egerton: Collins Peerage of England, Vol IX, London, 1812.

Also:  The Peerage of Ireland, Vol I, London, 1768.


Thomas Moore (1574 Southwell Eng - bef 1636 Salem MA) m Martha Sarah Yonges (July 1, 1613, Reyden Eng - June 27, 1671 Southold NY) in 1590 in England



I.      John Moore, Rev. (1620 Eng - Sept 17, 1657 Newton, NY) m Margaret Howell  (1622 - 1707) (d/o Edward and Frances Howell of Mash Gibbon, Buck., Eng.) in 1641                      


GENERATION III [John2,Thomas1]

    A)      Samuel Moore (1645 - July 15, 1717 Newton) m Mary Reed (1651 - 1738)


              GENERATION IV [Samuel3,John2,Thomas1]

              1)       Benjamin Moore (1680 Newton  -  Mar 22, 1750 Newton) m Anna Sackett (1681 - Sept 30, 1757) on Dec 27, 1710


GENERATION V [Benjamin4,Samuel3,John2,Thomas1]

A)    John Moore (Jul 5, 1730, Newton – Oct 18, 1827, Newton) m Hannah Whitehead (1728 - Aug 4, 1772) on Mar 2, 1752


GENERATION VI [John5,Benjamin4,Samuel3,John2,Thomas1]

i)      Elizabeth Moore  (Apr 23, 1753 - Aug 25,1827) unmarried


ii)     James Moore (July 24, 1754- Feb. 25, 1799) m. Elizabeth (Hallett) Seaman (Oct 4, 1762 - Spring 1815, widowed d/o Capt. Samuel Hallett in May, 1785 in Saint John, NB



James Moore was born July 24, 1754 at Newton, (Long Island), New York. At the end of the American Revolutionary War, James Moore went to Nova Scotia to look for a place of settlement for his Loyalist family who anticipated that they would need to leave the newly formed United States. After a brief stay in Nova Scotia, Moore moved on to Saint John, New Brunswick, where he married a young widow, Elizabeth (Hallett) Seaman. The James Moore family eventually purchased 600 acres of land at Lower St. Mary's near Fredericton from disbanded Maryland Loyalists. Several other members of James Moore's family made visits to New Brunswick but none of them relocated permanently.  Late in 1798, James Moore, in poor health, visited his old home in Long Island where he died Feb. 25, 1799.

The five Moore children: John, Maria, Eliza, Jane and Hannah remained in New Brunswick with their mother after their father's death but made numerous visits to family in New York. Maria Moore married Samuel Carman, son of Loyalist Richard Carman and Sarah Horsfield Carman.  W.O. Raymond, a New Brunswick historian, was the great grandson of both James Moore and Richard Carman. Detailed information on the extended Moore/Carman families can be found in:

The Ancestry of the Family of William Odber Raymond, compiled by W.O. Raymond, 1920 [prepared and indexed by R.W. Hale 1983]. LC number : HIL-SPECAR CS 90 .R365 1983.

The fonds of James Moore consist mainly of correspondence exchanged between members of the Moore family in Fredericton and their relatives in New York State. The bulk of correspondence is addressed to either Maria (Moore) Carman or Eliza Moore. There are a half dozen letters from the 1830s addressed to Sarah Carman from her daughters-in-law in Bathurst, Musquash and St. Stephen. Also included in the fonds are legal documents such as deeds and estate and military papers.

The correspondence reflects the daily lives of upper class Loyalist women in New Brunswick. It also documents the ongoing connections with family in the United States and the movement back and forth for the generation growing up after the American Revolution. The women discuss their personal and social lives, as well as the lives of mutual friends and relatives. There is advice about the foolhardiness of a premature return to New York, interesting commentaries on the significance of correct spelling and grammar (written by an aunt to a schoolgirl), reports on sea travels, discussion of marital difficulties, expressions of anxiety over the possibility of renewed war between England and the United States and description of life in Bathurst, New Brunswick in 1830.

                                            GENERATION VII [James6,John5,Benjamin4,Samuel3,John2, Thomas1]

a)       Maria Moore (Apr 10, 1786 - Feb 11,1855) m Apr 6,1811 at Maugerville to Samuel Carman


b)       Eliza Moore (Jul 20, 1788 - ?) m James Cunningham of Queensbury,York County, NB


c)       John Moore (Nov 2, 1791 - ca1809) unmarried


d)       Jane Whitlock Moore (b. Apr 12, 1794 in St. Mary's Parish, York County, N.B., Canada, and died September 1856 in Maugerville, Sunbury County - Burial: September 11, 1856, Parish of Maugerville Anglican Church Records.), m. Isaac Claudius DeVeber (b. 1786 in Musquash, Saint John County, N.B., Canada, and died May 12, 1867) on November 15, 1817 in St. Mary's Parish, York County, N.B.  See Appendix 1, the Deveber genealogy, for their children.


e)   Hannah4 Moore [James3,John2,John1] (ca1797 - ?) m. her cousin, Samuel Hallett of Sussex, NB.


iii)     Anna3 Moore [John5,Benjamin4,Samuel3,John2,Thomas1] m. John McVicker

iv)    Patience3 Moore [John5,Benjamin4,Samuel3,John2,Thomas1] m. John Charlton Dongan

v)     Mary3 Moore [John5,Benjamin4,Samuel3,John2,Thomas1] m. Dr. Richard Lawrence

vi)    Benjamin3 Moore [John5,Benjamin4,Samuel3,John2,Thomas1]

vii)    Daniel3 Sackett Moore [John2,John1]

viii)   Abigail3 Moore  [John5,Benjamin4,Samuel3,John2,Thomas1] m. Thomas Billopp



      First Families of New Brunswick


MOORE: James Moore born 24 Jul 1754 at Newtown, Queens County, Long Island, NY, d. 25 Feb 1799 at Newton on a visit, s/o John Moore and Hannah Whitehead: came to NB in 1783 as a Loyalist: settled at Lower Saint Marys in York County: m. May 1785 in Saint John, NB, Elizabeth (Hallett) Seaman b.

4 Oct 1762, d. Spring 1815, widowed d/o Capt. Samuel Hallett:


1) Maria Moore born 10 Apr 1786, died 11 Feb 1855, married 6 Apr 1811 at Maugerville, Sunbury County, Samuel Carman:


2) Eliza Moore b. 20 Jul 1788, married James Cunningham of Queensbury, York County:


3) John Moore b. 2 Nov 1791, d. unm. c1809:


4) Jane Whitlock Moore born 12 Apr 1794, married 1817 Isaac DeVeber s/o Gabriel DeVeber: settled in Maugerville:


5) Hannah Moore born c1797, m. her cousin, Samuel Hallett of Sussex, NB.


Source: MC80/998 W.O. Raymond’s The ancestry of the family of William Odber Raymond A.D. 1630-1920, pages 108-125:
 James’ sister Elizabeth Moore b. 23 Apr 1753, d. unmarried 25 Aug 1827 also settled in NB.


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(from  This site may no longer exist.


There is a line of the Carman family that stretches back to the time of the Domesday (Doomsday) book around 1050 a.d.  However, we only look at the certain ancestry of  the Carmans.

ohn Carman (1606 Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, Eng - bef 15 October 1653 Hempstead, Long Island, NY) m Florence Fordham (1610 - 7 Feb 1660/61) in 1629/30 in Hempstead NY

 GENERATION II    [John1]                                                                                                                                                                             
I.    John Carman (? - 1684) married Hannah Seaman (? - 1695 Hempstead NY) ca 1656 in Hempstead NY

A)   Caleb Carman (1655 Hempstead NY - 1729 Hempstead NY) m Hannah Seaman (1663 - June 24, 1759) about 1681

GENERATION IV   [Caleb3,John2,John1]                                                    
1)   Benjamin Carman (1688 Hempstead - bef 1735) m Anne Mott 

GENERATION V   [Benjamin4,Caleb3,John2,John1]                                                                                                                                            
a)   Benjamin Carman (23 Jan 1713/14 Hempstead - 16 Oct 1795 Hempstead) m Mary Bedell (Jun 1710 Hempstead - ?) in June 1740 in Hempstead

GENERATION VI  [Benjamin5,Benjamin4,Caleb3,John2,John1]

i)   Richard Carman (aka "Richard the Loyalist") (11 Nov 1757 Hempstead - 7 Jul 1817 St John NB) m Sarah Hewlett Horsfield (5 Nov 1762 Hempstead - 3 Nov 1835 Maugerville NB) on 25 February 1779 in Hempstead


GENERATION VII  [Ricahrd6,Benjamin5,Benjamin4,Caleb3,John2,John1]

A.   Maria Carman (2 Jan 1788 St John NB - 5 Nov 1828 Maugerville NB) m Amos Perley (24 May 1777 - 30 Aug 1822) on 10 Oct 1815 in St John.
    See the Perley Genealogy above for their descendants.










1.   Moses V. B. Perley:  History and Genealogy of the Perley Family, Salem,MA, 1906.

2.  Geo. Augustus Perley: A Genealogical Chart of the Male Descendents of Allan Perley, Fredericton, N.B. May 1877.

3West's Encyclopaedia of American Law, published by Thomson Gale

4.  Canadian Census Sunbury County NB, Maugerville Parish:

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5.  Birth, Death and Marriage Records for New Brunswick, British Columbia, and Wisconsin


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7.   US Census

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8.   Christening Records of the Maugerville Anglican Church (Christ Church?)

9.   WebSites:

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      Collections Canada for Census

      First Families of New Brunswick


      World Bride Index


10.   Family Web Pages


            The Carman Page (not available)


            The deVeber Page


            Family Search for Perley


            Descendants of Francis Peabody


            Lucy’s Root Cellar (Perley genealogy)

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            Paula’s Descendants of Francis Peabody


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