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This page focuses on genealogy, and includes the family trees for the Eldridge, Scott, Winning and Perley families for my ancestry, and the Olenick, Luy and Myslawchuk families for my wife.  There are photo galleries for the Eldridge, Scott, Perley, Olenick, Luy and Myslawchuk families.  Also included is the 1879 diary of my great grandmother, Eliza (Perley) Eldridge.

I have found that I am distantly related to the following, although I have not included the actual genealogies on the web page:

1.         Bliss Carman, the Canadian Confederation poet, - through Richard Carman, the Loyalist (1757 - 1817)

2.         Billy Bishop, the much decorated Canadian World War I ace, - through John Seaman (1610 - 1694)

 3.        Mark Twain (Samuel Clements), the great American author and story teller, - through Robert Clements (1595 - 1658).  On a related note, Robert’s daughter, Mary (Clements) Osgood (my ancestor, not Twain’s) pleaded guilty to being a witch and served 3 months in jail in Salem. Her daughter, Sarah Osgood married Thomas Perley, Jr., who was another of my ancestors.  His father, Thomas Perley, Sr., was a member of the jury at the Salem trials.

4.         George W. Bush (former American president) and his mother, Barbara Bush, - through John Carman (1606 - 1653) (the same Carman’s as Bliss and Richard)

I have looked through various genealogies and they would show my ancestry in several families dating before the year 0.  There are many reasons to be skeptical about many genealogies that go back over 400 or 500 years.  I have seen claims of ancestry where:
a)   parents are dead long before their children are born
b)   parents are over 100 years old when their children are born
c)   children are born before their ancestors
d)   there are vast disceprencies in the genealogies of children of the same parents where subsequent generations don't match closely

There is about a 33% chance I am descended from John Carman, who was recorded in the Domesday book.

Also, the Elders or Eldreds (the source of the name Eldridge), were Anglo Saxon kings  prior to the Invasion of William the Conqueror.  Many Eldridges still live today in Battle, Sussex, England, which was established by William the Conqueror on the site of the battle of Hastings.  There is a possibility I may be descended from the Eldridge’s of Battle.

I have numerous ancestors who were United Empire Loyalists, including:

William Eldridge, Richard Carman, Gabriel deVeber, James Moore, Elias Wright, Jessie Walton, and Isaac Justason.

My wife's ancestors were from Germany and the Ukraine and are much harder to identify.  Her most distant ancestors are:

1.   Franz Luis (b late 16th Century, Genheim, Germ.) (8 generations back)
2.   Wilhelm and Anna Maria Wenz (b late 16th Century, Windesheim, Germ.)
(8 generations back)




New Brunswick Archives  An excellent source for anyone with NB ancestors.

Automated Genealogy for 1851, 1901 and 1911 Census of Canada

Ancestry.ca - for 1921 Canada census (free)  Ancestry.ca

Library & Archives Canada - all Canada Census (except 1921) http://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/census/Pages/census.aspx

Manitoba Vital Statistics

British Columbia Archives

Saskatchewan Vital Statistics

ancestry.com This requires a membership but payment or the free trial period can provide useful results with intense searching and time commitment.

Scotland's People 
This requires a membership and payment of fees for document searching and retrieving.   Large numbers of Scottish documents including census, parish and civil records are available. Unfortunately it is too easy to spend money to retrieve documents that aren't relevant.

Sheffield Indexers  This  is an ongoing project that is currently recording the baptism and marriage records of the churches of Sheffield and its suburbs.

Find a  Grave    This is an ongoing project but  it can  give vital information and family links for recorded  graves.  Free registration allows users to add and edit information.

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