Scott Photo Gallery
Most of these pictures belonged to my mother, Gladys (Scott) Eldridge.  She had written names and dates on the backs of most of them.  The first 3 pictures came from Dolly Cave.  Carol Bellware provided the photo of her family.  Roy Eldridge took the photo of Joe & Nellie Wood.   The Gilbert Photos were provided by Barry & Jennifer Bott.   Carla P. provided the pictures of the Parkinsons.
Additional help in identification came from Carol Bellware (many pictures),  Ed Scott, Cheryl Ann Ancevicius, Audrey Forrester,  Mary Vaincourt, Ethel Lawrence and Barry & Jennifer Bott.

Herbert & Clara - 1920's

Herbert & Clara - 1920's

Clara & Dolly - ca1930
Dolly & Clara - ca 1930
Phil, Dolly, Ann, Ron - ca 1935
Phil, Dolly, Ann, Ron - ca 1935
Scott Family 1937
Scott Family 1937
Back:  Fred, Unknown (friend?), Edith, Phil
Middle:  Herbert, Ron, Gladys, Clara
Front:  Dolly, Anne
Scott Family 1940's
Scott Family - 1940's
Front: Clara Scott, Frank Wilkinson (Herbert's friend), Herbert Scott
Second:  Gilbert Buckler, Carol Scott , Mrs. Blampied (friend), Phil Scott Jr. on lap
Third:  Ann Cassidy, Ethel Buckler,  Edith Scott, Unknown (with tie), Walter Scott, Donald Scott , Emma Scott, Olive Scott
Fourth:  Jim Cassidy, Horace Godbehere, Elsie Godbehere, Unknown man with glasses, Freddie Buckler, Ernie Keeling  (over Emma's right shoulder),  Dolly Cave, Phebe Scott
Fifth:  Cecil Scott (behind Ethel),  Peggy Scott,  Ken Cave, Phil Scott Sr., John Geary (Phil's friend with glasses), Fred Scott
Fred & Cecil England
Fred & Cecil Scott - England WWII
Scott Family - 1940's
Scott Family 1940's
Front:  Unknown male, Carol Scott, Frank Wilkinson, Herbert Scott
Second: Horace Godbehere, Fred Scott, Edith Scott holding Phil Scott Jr, Unknown male, Cecil Scott, Phebe Scott, Olive Scott,  Mrs. Jones (neighbour)
Third: Elsie Godbehere, Ethel Buckler, Jim Cassidy, Ann Cassidy,  Freddie Buckler, Clara Scott
Fourth: Gilbert Buckler, Ken Cave
Scott Family - 1947
Scott Family 1940's
Front: Freddie Buckler, Brian Cave (on Dolly's knee), Carol Scott, Phil Scott Jr, Olive (Bell) Scott
Second:  Dolly (Scott) Cave, Edith Scott, Clara Scott, Herbert Scott, Eric Start
Third:   Phebe (Hill) Scott, Fred Scott,  Ethel (Scott) Buckler, Horace Godbehere, Elsie (Scott) Godbehere, Violet (Scott) Purchard, Peggy (Lawrence) Scott, Ann (Scott) Cassidy, Jim Cassidy
Back:  Ron Rogers (friend of Ed Scott), Ed Scott,  Stanley Purchard, Hilda (Ann's friend)
Stan Purchard, HHerbert & Clara Scott 1949
Stan Purchard, Herbert & Clara Scott - 1949
Violet Purchard & baby Stan
Violet Purchard & baby Stan
Violet, Edith & Herbert Scott 1947
Violet, Edith, Herbert Scott 1947
Cecil & Elizabeth Godbehere 1943
Cecil & Elizabeth Godbehere 1943
Ethel & Allan Lawrence 1947
Ethel Godbehere & Allan Lawrence 1949
Jimmy Godbehere
Jim Godbehere - Memorial Page (includes newspaper articles, story of his death, his grave.)
Glady Scott 1945
Gladys Scott - 1945
Gladys Ron Anne & niece Carol Scott 1941
Gladys, Ron, Ann & niece Carol Scott 1941
Edward Phoebe & Fred Scott
Edward, Phebe & Fred Scott
Herbert & Clara 50th
Herbert & Clara Scott 50th Anniversary 1957
Herbert & Clara Scott 60th Anniv
Herbert & Clara Scott 60th Anniversary 1967
Herbert & Clara 60th Anniv. Announcement
Herbert & Clara 60th Anniversary Announcement
60th Anniversary Telegram
Telegram from Queen Elizabeth on Herbert & Clara's 60th Anniversary
PeggyLawrence Edith Dorothy Gladys Anne Scott ca1940
Peggy Lawrence, Edith, Dolly, Gladys & Ann Scott ca 1941
Phil Violet Elsie Edith Fred 1986
Phil, Violet, Elsie, Edith, Fred, 1986
Edith & Willie Hill 1956
Willie & Edith Hill 1956
Cecil Scott 80th Birthday 1993
Cecil Scott 80th Birthday 1993
Back:  Julie Scott, Edward Scott, Phil Scott (Jr), Teresa White, Ron Scott (Jr), Lou Purchard, Tony Ancevicius
Middle: Tom Pearson, Pete Bellware, Carol (Scott) Bellware, Walter Godbehere, Lois (Scott) White, Ken Cave (Jr), Sam Austin, Darlene Cassidy, Debbie (Cave) Austin, Claire Delaney (wife of Phil Scott, Jr), Cheryl Ann Ancevicius, Keith Austin, Sue Cave
Front:  Mary (Godbehere) Pearson, Pat Bailey, Edith (Scott) Hill, Cecil Scott,  Dolly (Scott) Cave, unknown, Ron Scott (Sr), Vanessa Ancevicius (on lap), Sarah Austin
Cecil & Ron Scott's Family 1995
Cecil with Ron Scott's family 1995
Back:  Cheryl (Scott) Ancevicius, Tony Ancevicius, Lois (Scott) White, Barry White
Front:  Phyllis Livie (Cecil's friend), Cecil Scott, Ron Scott (Sr), Vanessa Ancevicius, Melanie Robinson Scott, Rick Miller
Elsie Ethel Edith Jessie 1979
Elsie, Ethel, Edith, Jessie 1979
Herbert Clara Scott & Children 50th Anniversary
Herbert & Clara Scott & Children - 50th Anniversary 1957
Back:  Walter, Fred, Dolly, Phil, Violet, Cecil, Edith, Ron
Front:  Jessie, Herbert, Clara, Ethel, Ann
(Taken at Allie's Hall on Charron St, by Gilbert Buckler)
Clara Scott & Children 1975
Clara Scott & Children 1975
Front:  Dolly, Clara, Edith
Back:  Cecil, Ron, Fred
Jessie Elsie Violet Ethel
Jessie, Elsie, Violet, Ethel
Gladys Scott Immigration Card
Gladys Scott Immigration Card 1920
Post Card from Fred to Gladys Scott
Post Card from Fred to Gladys Scott 1941
(Note that servicemen were not allowed to say where they were stationed in England)
Carol Scott Pete Bellware Wedding
Carol Scott & Pete Bellware Wedding
Ann Scott & Jim Cassidy Wedding
Ann Scott & Jim Cassidy Wedding 1949
Stan Purchard Jr, Margaret Scott, Dolly (Scott) Cave, Jim Cassidy, Ann (Scott) Cassidy, Edith Scott, Ron Scott, Phil Scott, Carol Scott (in front)
Scotts at Hilda's Wedding 1952
Scotts at Hilda's Wedding 1952
Ron Scott, Eleanor Scott, Ken Cave, Dolly Cave, Edith Scott, Clara Scott, Herbert Scott, Ann Cassidy, Jim Cassidy

Mary Elsie Ethel Godbehere 1947
Mary, Elsie, Ethel Godbehere 1947
Scott Grandchildren at 50th Anniversary
Scott Grandchildren at 50th Anniversary
Back:  Margaret Scott, Bruce Scott, Phil Scott (Jr), Arthur Scott, Stan Purchard (Jr), Norma Purchard, Doreen (Keeling) Dodd, Edward Scott, Joanne Scott, Ernest Keeling, Freddie Buckler
Front:  Barry Cave, Donald Scott, Carol Scott, Herbert Scott, Clara Scott, Diane Cave, Brian Cave, Pat Keeling, Gilbert Buckler
(Fred Scott at front right)
Phil(Jr), Clara, Carol Scott 1949
Phil(Jr), Clara, Carol Scott 1949
Dianne Clara Barry Brian Herbert 1949
Dianne Cave, Clara Scott, Barry Cave, Brian Cave, Herbert Scott, Skip 1949
Dolly & Scott & Ken Cave Wedding 1945
Dolly Scott & Ken Cave Wedding 1945
Norma Purchard (flower girl in front), Gladys Scott beside Ken.

Phil Scott1968 
Phil Scott 1968                  

  Phil, Olive, Carol, Phil Jr
Phil, Olive, Carol, Phil Jr Scott ca 1948

Gladys Scott 1930's
Gladys Scott, 1930's

Cousins from England 1962
With family in England,1962
 Taken by Barry Bott, Clara's great nephew
Back:  William Bottom, Violet Purchard, Edith Hill, Nellie (Bott, nee Gilbert) Bottom - Clara's niece
On Sofa:  Jessie Keeling, Clara Scott, Herbert Scott
Front:  Jennifer Long (future wife of Barry Bott), Fred Gilbert (Clara's nephew), Louie Gilbert
Nellie & Fred are children of Clara's sister, Edith Ellen Wood, who married William Gilbert.
William & Edith Ellen Gilbert
William & Edith Ellen (Wood) Gilbert
Edith Ellen is Clara (Wood) Scott's sister.
Gilbert Children
George, Joe, Mary, Fred, Nellie and Carrie Gilbert
Children of Edith Ellen (Wood) Gilbert - Clara (Wood) Scott's nieces and nephews.
Clara, William, Fred Gilbert
Clara, William and Fred Gilbert
William is the husband of Edith Ellen (Wood). Clara & Fred are their children, and Clara (Wood) Scott's nieces and nephews.

Barry Bott & Jennifer Long 1963
Jennifer Long & Barry Bott
Barry is the great nephew of Clara (Wood) Scott
Susan Mary (Wood) Parkinson
Susan Mary (Wood) Parkinson
Susan is Clara's sister.  She married Albert Parkinson.
Frederick Parkinson
Frederick Parkinson
 Frederick is the son of Susan Mary Wood, Clara's sister, and Albert Parkinson
Joe & Nellie Wood 1965
Joe & Nellie Wood, Leicester 1965
Joe is the brother of Clara (Wood) Scott