Thanks to:
Robert Barry, Jr,  and Shauna Haughan for the picture of Thomas H Perley.
Paul Barry for the picture of Eliza Perley and her family.
Carman Eldridge for the copy of Eliza Perley's marriage certificate.
Matthew Gray for the pictures of the Emerys', Charles & Bertha Perley and the Shields' house.
Edward Lyon for the picture of Allen Perley's Family

Thomas Horsfield Perley
Thomas Horsefield Perley
Eliza family
Eliza (Perley) Eldridge and Family - 1944

L toR:  Milly Eldridge, Pearl Barry, Grace Eldridge, June & Jean Eldridge (order?), Milt Barry

(David and James Eldridge on his knees (order?), Eliza Eldridge, Catherine (Kit) Barry

Charles Amos Perley

Bertha Perley

Bertha (Perley) Emery
Bertha Emery
Bertha (Perley) Emery

Isabel (Perley) Shield's House in Victoria

Bill & Pearl Barry, Eliza (Perley) Eldridge, Carman Eldridge, Milt Barry
sons of Danile & Bertha Emery
Sons of Daniel & Bertha (Perley) Emery
Charles, Roy, Thomas, Harold
Roy C. Eldridge Family
Roy C. Eldridge Family 1926
Glendon, Mary, David, Roy
Son of Eliza (Perley) Eldridge
Bill & Pearl (Eldridge) Barry
Bill & Pearl (Eldridge) Barry
Daughter of Eliza (Perley) Eldridge
Clare & Grace Eldridge
Clare & Grace Eldridge
Son of Eliza (Perley) Eldridge
Emery Family
Emery Family
Walter (son of Roy), Mae (daughter of Thomas), Thomas Percy, Ingrid (Thomas' wife), Charles (son of Roy)

Charles Emery
Charles Emery
Harold Emery
Harold Emery
Roy Emery
Earl Roy Emery

Eldridge - Bates
Bates & Eldridge
Eugene Bates (grandson of Eliza Perley), Marjorie (Smith) Bates (granddaughter of  Henrietta Perley), David "Mart" Eldridge (grandson of Eliza Perley), Gladys (Scott) Eldridge - 1981
Earl Roy Emery Marriage Cert
Earl Roy Emery Marriage Certificate
Eliza Perley Marriage Certificate
Eliza Perley & Martin Eldridge Marriage Cert.
Daniel & Bertha Emery Family
Daniel & Bertha Emery Family ca 1898
Back :  Charles, Daniel, Thomas, Bertha, Roy
Front:  Harold, Edna
Unknown woman from Eliza Perley's 1979 diary
Unknown woman in small picture in Eliza Perley's 1879 diary.  Is this a middle-aged Eliza (taken around 1890 -1900)?
Roy & Charles Emery
Roy & Charles Emery
Walter Harold Emery
Walter Harold Emery (1933)
Roy Emery
Roy Emery
Allen Perley Family
Allen Perley Family (Williamsport, Pennsylvania) ca 1900
Distant relatives (Allen1,Timothy2,Stephen3, Allen4,Allen5,Daniel6,Allen7)