Olenick Gallery
November, 2020
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Most of these pictures were provided by my wife, Debbie (Olenick) Eldridge, who identified most of the people in them.
Help in identification was also provided by Julie (Olenick) Tarjan, Mimi (Olson) Chrystal, Nick Olenick, Brian Olenick, Lesley Nomme, Fran Hamm, Val Burrill and Lendra Kress.

Dimitri Olenick & Eva Katowitz
Dmitri (Dan) Olenick & Eva Katowicz Wedding
Olenicks & Luys 1947
Olenicks & Luys at Brian Olenick's Christening
L to R:  Fred Olenick, John Luy, Mary Ann Olenick, Mary (Olenick) Olson, Harry Olenick Jr, Wasyl (Bill) Olenick, Stella Olenick, ?  (head at the back), Dmitri (Dan) Olenick, Harry Olenick Sr., Madge Olenick, Emma Olenick, Eva Luy, Helen Luy, Mary (Katowicz) Olenick
(Nick Olenick says it is Katherine (Kay) Olenick and not Mary Olson)
Dan & Bill Olenick
Dan & Bill Olenick
Bill & Nick Olenick
Nick & Bill Olenick
Olenicks in Calgary
Olenicks in Calgary
Back - Nick Olenick, Ethel Olenick, Julie Olenick, Gilbert Olson
Middle - Anne (Olenick) Nylen, Mary (Olenick) Olson , Lorna Olenick, Mary Anne Nylen, Dan Nylen
Front - Rob Nylen, Dixie Olenick
Emma Ann Bill & Harry Olenick
Debbie, Emma, Ann, Bill & Harry Olenick
John & Teenie Olenick
John & Teenie Olenick
Olenicks in Bowness
Olenicks in Bowness at Nick & Ethel's 25th Anniversary, Nov 1967
Back - Rube Olenick, Gwen Malyon (friend from Souris), Nils "Swede" Pedersen (friend of Julie's from Winnipeg), Jamie Rowe (in arms), Brian Olenick, Frank Malyon, Anne (Olenick) Holmes, Birdie Schulz (Rube's Companion - Red Hair), Milt Holmes, Gilbert Olson, Nick Olenick
Middle - Mary Olenick (Mike's wife), Mike Olenick, Bill Olenick, Dianne (Olenick) Rowe, Debbie Olenick, Lorna Olenick, Julie Olenick, Mary Anne Nylen, Mary (Olenick) Olson, Bobby Nylen, Flo Olenick (John's wife), Johnny Olenick, Ethel Olenick (Nick's wife)
Front - Sharrel Olenick, Dixie Olenick
Anne Olenick & Axel Nylen Wedding
Anne Olenick & Axel Nylen Wedding
Mimi Chrystal, Helen Renenberg, Anne Olenick, Axel Nylen, ?, John Nylen
Mary Gil Mimi Olson
Back:  Mary (Olenick) & Gil Olson
Front:  Marlene Olenick & Mimi Olson
Children of Dan Olenick
Children of Dan & Eva Olenick
Rube, Ann, Nick, Mary, Johnny, Mike, Bill
Rube & Birdie Olenick
Rube Olenick & Birdie Schulz
Bill Olenick & Jean Luy Wedding
Bill Olenick & Jean Luy Wedding
Harry Olenick, Charlie Burke, Fred Olenick, Bill Olenick, Jean Luy, Fran Luy, Mary Boulton
Dan Olenick Grandchildren 2004
Grandchildren of Dan & Eva Olenick 2004
Back:  Rob Nylen, Debbie (Olenick) Eldridge, Brian Olenick, Dan Nylen, Linda (Chrystal) Fiedler, Ken Olenick, Shirley (Olenick) Stempin, Lori (Olenick) Kamins, Lesley (Olenick) Nomme
Front:  Sharell (Olenick) Kopp, Dixie (Olenick) Mott, Lorna (Olenick) Green, Julie (Olenick) Tarjan, Dianne (Olenick) Burnham
Mike & Mary Olenick
Mike & Mary Olenick
Dan Olenick
Dan Olenick
Nylen Family
Nylen Family
Back: Bob Nylen, Betty Nylen, Mary Anne Nylen, Dan Nylen, Lonnie Nylen
Front: Anne Nylen
Daughters of Nick & Ethel Olenick
Daughters of Nick & Ethel Olenick
Back: Julie
Front: Sharell, Dixie, Lorna, Dianne
5 Olenick Men
5 Olenick Men 1932
Back: Mike, Rube, Bill
Front: Harry, Fred
4 Olenick girls & one boy
Olenick Children 1932
Back: Anne (d/o Bill), Anne (d/o Dan), Kathleen (Kay)
Front: Nick, Stella
Children of Johnny Olenick
Children of Johnny & Teenie Olenick
Back: Marlene, Kenny
Front: Shirley, Margaret
Eva Katowicz Land Title Prince Albert
Eva Katowicz Land Title Prince Albert
Dmitri Olinek Military Record Cover p1               Dmitri Oikinek Military Reord p2
Dmitri Olinek (Dan Olenick) Military Record Cover Pages
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Bill of Sale for Land in Prince Albert
Bill of Sale for Property in Prince Albert
Dmitri Olenick Military Record p 2 & 3
Dmitri Olinek Military Record p 2 & 3
Dmitri Olinek Military Record p 4 & 5
Dmitri Olinek Military Record p 4 & 5
Dmitri Olinek Military Record p 6 & 7
Dmitri Olinek Military Record p 6 & 7